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Our Mission is to become your “Go To” resource to design, engineer, build, service, maintain and operate your wireless and other IP network infrastructure.
Telecom Carriers
The current wave of telecommunications investment is being driven by video and data traffic growth.  Video and data traffic over both wireless and fixed networks has exploded. This growth is being driven by the massive uptake of smartphones and tablets, the mobile Internet, and cloud computing. Yet, there is in even bigger tsunami on the horizon. There is a clear shift from people being connected with each other to everyday things being connected.  This means that just about everything in our world will be connected and intelligent. Homes, cars, Retail Shops, Public Transportation…  The things in our world will be connected not just with the people but machine-to-machine (M2M) as well. 

Telecommunications providers are focused on keeping pace with this demand.  It simply comes down to each provider’s network. Excellence, reliability, and superior quality are the adjectives that the major carriers use to describe the networks they must deliver to their customers.  Those adjectives also describe why major carriers turn to Absolute Communications to build out their networks.  Absolute Communications excels at engineering, constructing, and maintaining high quality, reliable wireless and wired infrastructure.

Project Example #1: Microwave Engineering:  A major equipment manufacturer turned to Absolute Communications when they needed help engineering a carrier grade microwave backhaul network that would eventually cover thousands of square miles.  For each Network Link, the team from Absolute performed the preliminary link analysis, Line of Sight Field Work, Pathloss Engineering, and the site audit of each cell site that was to be connected.  The engineering documentation was delivered on time, within budget, and of the highest quality.  This work covered 15 states and represented over 300 microwave links and over 500 site audits.

Project Example #2: Microwave Construction:  One of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world called upon Absolute to help build out microwave backhaul networks for two of the major wireless carriers in the United States.  The Absolute team for each link inventoried and ordered materials, delivered materials and equipment to each site, installed the microwave link and tested the link.  Both carrier projects are ongoing and thus far microwave links have been constructed by Absolute in 8 states.

Project Example #3: Cellular Upgrade Construction:  One of the countries largest TURF vendors needed help upgrading an extremely rural cellular network across 2 states and they contracted Absolute Communications to perform this work.  The project lasted for 7 months and covered approximately 27,000 square miles.
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  • "In May 2011, Gowan Elizondo, LLP opened their doors for business.  Within a few days, Absolute had set up an entire communication system for the law firm,
    from networking to cabling, wiring, phone system, fax finder, email server.  The Absolute Communcations staff have been available to Gowan Elizondo, LLP
    with just a phone call away with little to no downtime of our business.  We highly recommend Absolute for any business needs."
    -Patty Manzano, Gowan Elizondo Law Firm
  • "Over the years, Absolute Communications has proved that it has the technology to handle our computer, phone and intercom needs quickly and competently.
    Issues can often be resolved over the phone without a trip to our facility.  The staff is courteous and respectful."
    - Delma Trejo, Executive Director/Administrator
    The Ark Assessment Center ad Emergency Shelter for Youth