The Data Problems

Data storage and backup is critical to every business. Especially as more and more businesses go paperless.  Companies who use their own data storage solutions are in a constant battle for more space or hardware issues they don’t know how to deal with.   If your storage doesn’t grow with your business, data either needs to be deleted or moved.   Some businesses are required to keep records (files) for a period of years so deleting is not an option.   Moving them off the current data storage means you have to access data in multiple places which can get confusing and cause issues such as accidental deletion of data or multiple copies of the same document.

Data also needs to be accessed easily from any device whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Because it can be accessed from anywhere, security needs to be a top priority.  For companies who manage their own data, this usually means having to use a VPN. VPNs don’t always work and can sometimes cause data access to be slow.

For companies who are already using a managed storage solution other than Absolute DATA, a reliable backup solution becomes crucial. Other storage solutions like Dropbox, Egnyte, Office 365 (and more) do not backup your entire data.  This means that the data cannot easily be restored should disaster strike.  Examples of disasters include damage and data loss caused by hurricanes, floods, tornados, fire, earthquakes, accidental and malicious data deletion.

The Solutions

Absolute DATA’s storage can change and grow to fit your company’s needs.  No more having to delete or move data because you can simply add the amount of storage you need.

To solve security issues, Absolute DATA offers end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption and role based access control.  Two factor authentication is also available.

Should a disaster occur, Absolute DATA’s efficient image-based replication delivers image-based disaster recovery for ALL applications.

Required Base Setup

$37868Starts at
  • Absolute Storage NAS 2TB
  • 1 – 2TB hard drive Local Storage Sizes
  • Local Backup Configuration for 1 location



  • per 1 GB Storage


  • per 1 GB data transfer out


  • Backup Agent – Workstation


  • Backup Agent – Server

Absolute DATA Add Ons

Additional Hard Drive(s)

Starting at $11070One Time Cost
  • 2 TB – $110.70
  • 4 TB – $148.48

Backup Seed Service

$50Per Location / One Time Cost
  • Based on location network bandwidth and initial total storage

Corpus Christi, Texas: 361-888-6776

San Antonio, Texas: 210-892-3800

Austin, Texas: 512-888-6776