As more companies go paperless, the need for reliable, secure, scalable managed data storage becomes essential.   Moving your data to a secure, managed data solution gives peace of mind that your data is safe and that storage can easily scale to your company’s needs without expensive hardware upgrades.  Migrating your current data to Absolute DATA’s managed data facility is only the first step.  Once your data is in the cloud it is imperative that it is also backed up using secure, redundant systems.

Your current cloud based drives such as Dropbox, Egnyte, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Amazon Drive etc. allow for restoring a file from the trash or from a previous version but this is not the same as a full redundant backup should your data be permanently lost.  We can help manage, secure and backup this data as well.

Hybrid backups offer the best of both worlds.  A local copy of your data is always available on premises while another copy is securely stored in the our managed data center, away from disasters such as floods, hurricanes and fires.

Should disaster occur causing data loss, you’ll know that your data is safe, secure and ready for data disaster recovery.

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