Better RV Park WiFi


When RVers see a RV park or campground they want to visit has free WiFi available to guests, they don’t really look at it as a perk.  Past experience tells them it’s not going to be fast enough or the signal will be too weak.

There are a lot of reasons why WiFi in RV parks and campgrounds is lacking but most of the time it can be broken down into three main reasons.

Here are 3 main reasons why WiFi at RV Parks and campgrounds isn’t as good as it should be:

  1. Weak antennas: The field of WiFi antennas, especially long range WiFi, is a very niche and specialized area.  Often times RV parks use local IT companies who are used to working in office settings.  These companies install the same WiFi they use in an office setting that is not conducive to large open area RV parks.
  2. The landscape: You go to RV parks to be closer to nature, to leave the big city for greener pastures. Unfortunately given WiFi’s line of sight requirement, trees, hills, mountains and other obstructions like buildings and other RV’s significantly degrade the signal as it makes it’s way from the transmitter to your receiving device like a router, mobile phone, laptop, smart TV or tablet.
  3. Your RV: The RV itself is essentially shielding you from outside WiFi signals. While landscape is bad for long range WiFi, metals like aluminum and steel also interfere with the signal. Add to that the fiberglass, furniture and kitchen appliances in the camper and you have a recipe for poor reception.

If your RV park is experiencing WiFi issues causing unhappy campers and negative reviews, contact Absolute Communications for more information about Absolute WiFi.

Absolute WiFi for RV parks can help you solve your business needs without using cables and with minimal structural work.  That’s not all.  If you’re in the hospitality business, you can get a quick return on your investment by offering paid services to your guests using a management platform and use the Wi-Fi network for targeted communication, promotion and marketing activities.