How Absolute Communications & Cambium Networks Gave an Old School RV Park a 21st Century Wi-Fi Upgrade

Wi-Fi access plays a central role in the lives of many Americans, allowing us to stay connected no matter where we are. High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi has become a critical amenity for high-end properties, campsites, and RV parks so guests can work remotely and stay connected while on the road.

Absolute Communications & Cambium Networks Lead the Way

Since 1989, Absolute Communications has been one of the leading telecom and network services providers and a top choice for organizations across the US and Canada. We know our customers are relying on us for solid advice and actionable, affordable solutions. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers like Cambium Networks, who share our commitment to high-quality products and world-class customer service.

Case Study: High-End Texas RV Park

The current health crisis has been hard for a lot of small and medium-sized businesses, and the tourism sector has been hit particularly hard. Absolute Communications was able to help one client, a high-end RV park in central Texas, adapt to the shifting RV landscape by creating a Cambium Networks-based solution to better cater to their shifting demographics. Once favored among older and retired populations, RV parks have seen a surge in interest from young working professionals looking to work remotely while enjoying what nature has to offer.

The full case study can be found here.

The Project & Its Unique Challenges

The RV park in question did already offer Wi-Fi to their guests, but their previous low-budget solution wasn’t prepared to meet their guests’ increased bandwidth demands. To best capitalize on the new “work from home” boom, the RV park needed to modernize their network quickly.

The RV park’s location posed a number of challenges. High tree density and an abundance of large RVs (whose metal construction affects Wi-Fi signal strength) made getting fast, reliable Wi-Fi to all corners of the park challenging. Their previous solution could only offer 1-6 MB speeds, and the increased demand on the network slowed speeds to a dial-up equivalent of 0.25 MB.

Like other sectors within the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is crucial for repeat business, high ratings, and positive social media feedback. To elevate the customer experience and keep guests happy and connected, the RV park needed a solution that included:

  • High-speed broadband to keep guests connected and could accommodate the increased demand for high-speed connectivity from their younger remote working guests and their families.
  • A Wi-Fi network that was designed to address the unique density challenges posed by RVs and the thickly forested landscape while ensuring all areas of the park enjoyed high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi access.
  • A network that was able to accommodate the increased traffic associated with peak times and peak booking seasons.
  • A measurable ROI that allowed the client to offset the cost of the project by monetizing Wi-Fi services

The solution also had to add value and increase overall customer satisfaction so that guests were more inclined to leave positive reviews, thereby improving the RV park’s online reputation.

The Solution

In partnership with Cambium Networks, a leader in outdoor connectivity, Absolute Communications provided a 100% Cambium Networks solution that would offer RV park guests the same speed and connectivity they could enjoy at any five-star hotel or enterprise campus environment.

Absolute Communications began by analyzing historical bookings data to determine the demographics of the park and surveyed the physical environment to determine areas where density could affect signal quality. Based on our findings, we determined that 100-200MB internet was required to ensure connectivity in even the most densely treed areas.

Once we had a plan in place, we began the hardest task: running fiber-optic cabling throughout the park. Once installed, we were able to connect each 1-gigabyte Cambium Networks AP to the fiber-optic network.

When designing this solution, the Absolute Communications team was able to draw on our previous experience with a similarly sized development that also required construction, trenching, conduit placement, and fiber installation. Using an existing model not only sped up the timeline but also resulted in cost-savings for the RV park. The existing model only required minor adjustments to accommodate the reduced space between RV lots, and in the end, the client saved more than 50% compared to what a solution for a brand-new park would require.

Offsetting Costs by Monetizing Wi-Fi & Related Services

In addition to offering increased high-speed guest connectivity able to support video conferencing and streaming, the RV park has also been able to use their new network to support commercial activities and amenities throughout the park, including credit card machines and background music for social areas. They are also now able to monitor park systems, including water and gas, to better judge demand and look for further cost-saving opportunities.

Absolute Communications also offers a number of proprietary service plans that can help clients like the RV park monetize services and create measurable streams of income to offset the up-front costs of this investment.

For more information about Absolute Communications and the solutions we offer, or to start planning your next project, please contact our team today.